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Homemade Club Car Lift Kit (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

Updated On January 4, 2022

As a club car or golf cart owner, you want to get the most out of it. And one way to do it is to lift your golf cart in an easy and safe manner to make that golf cart really pop with some added style. With that, your cart will have a distinct appearance, a different ride, increased speed, and the ability to traverse much more challenging terrain with ease.

However, golf cart lift kits are pretty expensive and an expense you might not want to invest in. If that’s so, then there’s another option for that. You may skip the heavy expenses because, in this article, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to make a homemade club car lift kit:

Reasons for Lifting a Club Car

Keep in mind that golf carts were designed initially for golfers. But they have evolved significantly over the years and are now used for various purposes. A standard golf cart may not be tall enough to reach some of your favorite destinations, such as the farm. So, to make them more versatile, you need to customize the golf cart. With the lift kits golf cart can provide:  

Clearance on the Underside

If you use your cart for maintenance or as a hunting wagon, you may find yourself driving over uneven or rough terrain. Therefore, if you take your cart off paths and roads, you are bound to encounter tree stumps, rocks, and other hazards that could damage your cart. Therefore, your cart will likely have issues if you use a traditional golf cart with classic tires.

Increased Speed 

Lifted golf carts accommodate larger tires, and the larger tires can help the golf cart accelerate.

More Power

If you’re towing a trailer or a large group of people, the larger tires will be much more accommodating. You can customize a golf cart for a few hundred dollars to make it a completely different vehicle.

Note: You can add features that aren’t standard to your golf cart, but keep in mind that the main reason for lifting your golf cart is functionality.

Advantages of Using Homemade Club Car Lift Kit

Lifting a golf cart puts you one step ahead of the competition in terms of versatility. There are different lift kits golf carts can have, but a homemade lift kit allows you to:

Save Money

If you don’t want to spend your money on manufactured golf cart lift kits, lifting it without one is a good option. It can help you save money for the cost of the kit and the installation cost you pay for professional services.

Achieve your Desired Club Car Look

Instead of being stuck with whatever is inside the kit, you can get the parts that each aftermarket manufacturer produces best. It allows you to personalize your lift so that it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Explore your Mechanical Skills 

Whether professional or amateur, some mechanics may feel the need to push themselves regularly. Lifting a golf cart without a lift kit is a one-of-a-kind challenge that will make you confident. (1)

Increase the Strength of Your Cart’s Chassis

If a skilled mechanic lifts a cart without a kit, the strength of the cart’s chassis may increase. This increase in strength happens because you can incorporate elements such as stainless-steel bars in ways that a prefabricated lift kit cannot.

Note: When you lift a golf cart with a homemade lift kit, you must have a skilled understanding of your cart’s construction. Therefore, to complete this process successfully, you must have solid mechanical skills. (2)

Materials Needed


Without a doubt, a homemade lift kit will necessitate the use of specialized skills and tools. Before you begin lifting your golf cart, keep in mind that you need a lift kit. You can forego the prefabricated lift kit and make a lift kit yourself. 

You can upgrade your cart with aftermarket parts such as:

  1. A-arms 
  2. Longer shocks 
  3. Springs
  4. Axles 

A support plate may also be required, at least for most golf carts. The support plate attaches your custom lift kit to the wheels of your golf cart. 

Finally, you’ll need a variety of:

  1. Drills 
  2. Wrenches 
  3. Screwdrivers, and other tools.

Step-by-Step Guide

After gathering the materials and tools needed for the process, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Take off your Cart’s Wheels

taking out the wheel

Using the appropriate tools, remove your golf cart wheels carefully. Keep the bolts and nuts close to the wheels they came from. That way, you can avoid missing some bolts or nuts when reassembling the cart.

Step 2: Remove the Axles and A-Arms

Next, remove the axles from your cart with caution. It is a more complicated process than it looks, and your intricate mechanical skills are crucial. With solid mechanical skill, you’ll feel comfortable with this step, and you can proceed to remove the A-Arms.

Step 3: Place the Support Plates

support plates

Following removing the A-arms and axles, you can now install the support plates. The support plates are attached to the front and back of the club car near where you install the axles. Their purpose is to provide additional support strength for the lift kit.

Step 4: Attach the Shocks, A-Arms, and Springs

Place your newer, longer A-arms on your support plate and position them correctly. Make sure to include shocks and springs on the arms to increase the support of your cart. This step might require the assistance of a second person.

Step 5: Install Your New Axles 


You should now attach your new, longer axles to your A-arms. To ensure that your cart runs smoothly while driving, you should carefully balance the heights of the front and back of the vehicle. A shaky golf cart isn’t the best way to travel, leading to costly repair issues.

Step 6: Adjust your Angles 

After lifting your cart, its camber and caster may change. It is a problem because your cart may not steer correctly in this situation. So, it would be best to fine-tune the angles to ensure they are properly centered. However, if you are uncomfortable with this process, you can ask for guidance from cart professionals.

Things to Note

When installing a homemade golf cart lift kit, keep in mind that lifting a cart will vary depending on your purchase model. Some carts have slightly different axle styles, which may necessitate the addition of different support plates or the welding of various elements of your lift kit.

Understand the various challenges associated with a customized lift kit and take note of the following:

  • If you do not have the needed mechanical skills, you might end up shooting yourself in the foot. Damage to the frame or chassis could cost you an arm and a leg to replace or repair.
  • The wrong installation can also impact the appearance of the golf cart.
  • Your homemade lift kit can put your club car into safety risks. One example is a misalignment or improper tire installation, resulting in an accident.

Also, lifted golf carts are not typically permitted on golf courses. Because lifted carts have all-terrain tires, they can damage the turf ripping it apart. Aside from that, some lifted carts have increased speed and other modifications. Golf courses want to keep such things as safe as possible, especially when it comes to hills or sharp turns.

Tip: If you want a lifted golf cart that you can also use for golf, the long travel lift is an option. If you play a round of golf, you must lower your golf cart and replace the tires. It will consume some time and effort, but it is doable.

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