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Knowing golfing terms is important if you want to play golf like a pro or even become one

What Does WD Mean in Golf?

What do you aim for when driving your golf club? Think of how and where you aim your

What a Golfer Aims for When Driving

The Masters Golf Tournament brings quintessential images of pristine greens, green jackets, and azaleas to mind. Although springtime is the

What to Wear to the Master’s Golf Tournament

Whether you are a recreational golfer, golf enthusiast, or a professional golfer, knowing what channel the golf channel

What Channel is the Golf Channel on the Dish Network?

Choosing the right activity for a first date can be a bit of a challenge. You have to

Is Mini Golf a Good First Date (5 Reasons Why It Is and Isn’t)

The right choice of a ball can significantly affect the outcome of a round of golf. As an

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weight?

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