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How We Choose Products?

As you have probably noticed Golfer pros likes to review products and provide best lists. We also have a fairly active and growing section of tips and guides content but our favorite and most defined content is our buying guides.

We are particularly proud of these guides since we go through the utmost of care to choose the best products and provide the best content for you to make a great buying decision.

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Personal Experience

One of our guiding principles when choosing a product is, have we already used it before and what personal takeaways did we have when using it? This is one of the most important parts of a guide since personal experience can trump all of the lower quality knowledge and references out there that may not always be true.

Player Recommendations

Have we heard from professionals or players within our own inner circle about this particular product and its durability and use. When we explore a product we want to know if its actually worthwhile or if its just a fad that in the near future will be dropped and taken away. If one of our inner circle golfer pros recommends a product you can be sure its up to par, excuse the pun.

Product Reviews

Sometimes there are products that we have some experience with but not enough to write a full analysis. When it comes to this we will look at reviews out there on third party vendor sites and decide whether these are worth us including into the data. We take into account the fact that a lot of reviews can be faked especially on some of the bigger box stores so we have our own system of routing out these fakes and only paying attention to the ones that seem legitimate.

Why Trust Us?

We have been avid golfers and reviewers for many years. Currently Bobby is the lead editor and puts together every final article, but we have a team of great writers and golfing professionals that make sure you get the best content possible.

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Our Team

Bobby Hurt. 

Bobby is an avid golfer for many years and is the founder and lead writer and editor on the site. He created this site purely as a passion so you can be sure he puts everything hes got into it.


Surbhi is one of our lead writers and helps research some of the best products out there and puts together our specifications lists for each.


Xysa is our lead when it comes to making our articles pop and look pretty. She maintains our site and makes sure everything is fast and clean.

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