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What Does WD Mean in Golf?

Updated On November 10, 2022

Knowing golfing terms is important if you want to play golf like a pro or even become one down the line. While there are a lot of terms used in golf, the way each one is used also has multiple applications. Here are some of the most asked questions regarding “WD” which we will be answering for you here.

WD is a short term used for withdrawal which is a condition where a player withdraws from the tournament in the middle. This is typically due to a personal reason and can lead to penalties as well. If the player needs to leave the tournament due to legitimate reasons, then it is called a JWD or a justified withdrawal.

What Does WD Mean in Golf?

In golf, WD is short for withdrawn and it is exactly what it sounds like. When you look at it from a tournament’s perspective, you can figure out exactly how a status of WD would represent a golfer’s position in a tournament. When a player withdraws, it basically means that they started in the tournament and played but decided to withdraw from the game at some point in the middle, not finishing the entire tournament.

A player can either choose to withdraw themselves from the tournament or be removed by the governing committee based on a technicality. The nature of that technicality can also vary and cover a range of different situations.

Is WD Used by Your Golf Club?

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For any country club that has a proper policy in place for governing tournaments as they do in a PGA tour, it is common for them to consider WD cases as they come.

To do this, the procedure followed involved the tournament committee reviewing a withdrawal request from a player to decide if it has legitimate grounds for them to withdraw. This can be critical for several reasons, including financial ones as well. (1)

However, there is also the alternative case where a committee, based on several factors, asks a player to withdraw from the tournament by themselves. Our country club also has a WD facility for players in case they want to benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What Does JWD Mean in Golf?

Withdrawing from golf games like PGA tour without golf handicap can be grounds for penalties and every player wants to avoid that. Even with that, circumstances can sometimes require players to take that hit and withdraw from a tournament.

However, there are some cases where the golf handicap for withdrawal is legitimate and is something that is not a player’s personal decision. This is where a JWD score comes in which is short for justified withdrawal.

In such a situation, the tournament committee does not impose any penalty on the player for leaving in the middle of the tournament. Some examples of JWD can include medical conditions and family emergencies of any kind, etc.

What Does WD Mean on a Golf Leaderboard?

WD is a short form for withdrawn which means that a player who was part of a golf tournament is left in the middle without completing. The reason for this can be both justified and personal which is something that a committee decides on after hearing the withdrawal case of the player.

What Does W Mean on a Golf Club?

Club makers use W to identify what is now commonly known as the “pitching wedge”. The term is often shortened and referred to as “wedge” which is what the W stands for. Some other common terms for this type of club also include utility wedge or attack wedge but that can be mislabeled as it is usually a different name for an AW club.

What Does AW on a Golf Club Mean?

AW is an acronym for approach wedge, a club that is typically considered to be between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. That is also why it is also referred to by some companies like the Gap Wedge or GW.

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