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Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 

Updated On November 7, 2022

There are times when our golf tour vacations are ruined by the dew and grass's moisture. Nobody likes soaking wet shoes and socks; even the idea is enough to make many of us uncomfortable! The best waterproof golf shoes make sure to keep your feet dry even during rain or when you are out playing during the early hours when the ground is especially wet. No matter how good your game is, if your shoes are wet, even the most professional players will be thrown off by the feeling. If you know what we are talking about, then you require the best waterproof golf shoes. Our topmost preference has to be FootJoy Tour Golf Shoes, a high-quality and flexible golf shoe.

After analyzing the available top waterproof golf shoe models, we have carefully curated our list of choices. We cover this and;

  • Take a look at the best waterproof golf shoes within all budgets and requirements.
  • With comprehensive reviews, we inform you about our opinion of every golf shoe.
  • Detail a useful purchasing guide on how to buy waterproof golf shoes.

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Quick Summary: Top 5 - Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Best Overall:1. Footjoy Tour Golf Shoes
Beats all the criteria for standing as the best waterproof golf shoes.

Runner-Up:2. Skechers Go Golf Torque
All of the features combined provide relief, vitality, and grip in every situation.

Best Looking:3. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe Gore-Tex
Gore-Tex Waterproof technology induces sturdiness and breathability into the material.

Best Value for Money:4. Callaway Balboa Trx
A durable rubber sole, opt dry waterproof safety, and soft midsole for extreme comfort.

Best Lightweight:5. Under Armour Spieth 3
The new balance golf shoe has overall features like microfiber, lacing check system, and heel counter.

Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!

Top 5: Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

1. Footjoy Tour Golf Shoes

Best Overall

It has full control, utmost comfort, and laser plus fit. Flexible to use, attractive outsole, impressive setup, and other features, at a cost that prepares the whole deal seems like a great buy.
Quick Summary
  • Fabric Type: 100% Textile 
  • Sole Material: Synthetic
  • Shaft Height: Mid-top 
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

FootJoy Men's Tour X Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, White/Navy/Lime, 7 M US

This pair of golf shoes from FootJoy is good for people who are looking for the best performance golf shoes. You can get an edge over other players, if you are the competitive type, on the course with these golf shoes. When we used them, we saw considerable improvement in stability and minimal shifting activity. It also showed us the unique grounding during our swings.

Footjoy's waterproof golf shoes are made from laser chipped synthetic material. These waterproof shoes also lend the appearance of running shoes. Our team also noticed the innovative power sharp, which is a club built into the wraps and upper layer around the ceiling of the shoe to solidify your feet and standing.

We were satisfied that the exteriors of the shoe are made of leather. It has a robust closure system, and the waterproof golf shoe is a lightweight waterproof golf shoe. You can be relaxed as their 9 cleats assure your feet stay rooted.


  • Simple and advanced design
  • Ortholite insole
  • Comes with a 2-year waterproof verification

what we didn't like

  • It can be expensive for some
  • Lack of broadness in the heel
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Took about 50 miles to break in, they are comfortable and fit true to size. Good support and stability."

2. Skechers Go Golf Torque


The upper synthetic layer, replaceable soft spikes, light Eva foam details are an excellent bargain for the price. (1)
Quick Summary
  • Fabric Type: Synthetic 
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Shaft Height: Mid-top
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/red, 10.5 W US

We never thought that shoes as inexpensive as Skechers go golf waterproof shoes would make it to our list of best waterproof golf shoes! But when we tried these golf shoes, we were pleasantly surprised at how comfortably soft the golf shoe was.

We observed the low profile round toe area, new balance traction, sturdy rubber soles, and, most importantly, very comfortable wear. You can keep your feet on any surface, and it feels very relaxing while wearing these golf shoes.

The shoe's upper area is created using a single new piece of their own H2GO waterproof synthetic material, and the rubber outsole works great too. Rest assured that Sketchers will work best for keeping your feet dry with the waterproof protection.

You will also receive 6 soft-grip removable cleats from Skechers. We also saw that the inside fabric lining and is quite soft. These golf shoes weigh around 13 ounces, which makes it easy to carry around. 


  • Affordable price
  • Extremely durable and strong 
  • Clean and crisp design
  • Special waterproofing

what we didn't like

  • Lack of color options
  • Excess wideness and fitting  
What Other Golfers had to say:
"These shoes are comfortable, perform well, and affordable. And, they look great. What else can you ask from your golf shoes?"

3. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe Gore-Tex

Best Looking

ECCO men's golf shoes are very good looking and stylish. The leather coating and extra width options make for a desirable purchase when looking for waterproof golf shoes. 
Quick Summary
  • Fabric Type: 100% Leather 
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Shaft Height: Low-top
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, Black/Bermuda Blue Yak Leather, 39 M EU (5-5.5 US)

We tested the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Golf Shoe Gore-Tex waterproof golf shoes, and we especially loved their durability power. They will last you a long time. The exteriors of the golf shoes are made of full-grain leather, microfiber leather, that is not too thick. (2, 3)  

The key feature that made these shoes in the best waterproof golf shoe list is that the Ecco biom golf shoes are made of their proprietary Tri-Fi grip system. We saw that this system gives traction features on 3 vital aspects: strength, rotational assistance, and stability. You can relax while performing techniques from backswing to follow through.

Moreover, you will receive a removable and anti-microbial Ortholite insole and rubber outsole. These golf shoes don't easily produce a foul smelly odor. 


  • Cool and Incredible looking shoes
  • Available in a mixture of colors
  • Best Gore-Tex waterproof material

what we didn't like

  • It is inflexible on the upper ankle
  • A bit expensive
What Other Golfers had to say:
"I gave these shoes 5 stars from the quality feel and the fact that, once I got the right size, they fit like a fine leather glove with the comfort of a couch for my feet."

4. Callaway Balboa Trx

Best Value for Money

The pair of golf shoes allow you to induce friction in your swing. It has an Opti-vent web liner for breathability and heat supervision. All these great features make these golf shoes one of the best buys. 
Quick Summary
  • Fabric Type: Leather
  • Sole Material: Synthetic  
  • Shaft Height: Low-top
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe, White/Blue, 9 M US

We were shocked to found out how affordable these waterproof golf shoes were! They are very suitable for players who want the finest quality waterproof golf shoes at a reasonable cost with premium leather. These shoes survive for an extended period.

The Callaway logo is also presented on the tongue and back heel. They are a lace-up kind of classic golf shoes.

The top portion of this pair of shoes is made with microfiber leather material. You can also see a 5mm sock liner that enables your feet to inhale and exhale. These golf shoes have an excellent density to support you while strolling around the golf course.

The outer part is made of dura rubber and is attached to 7 Slim-Lok cleats. It gives you an exceptional grip, and the base is prepared from 100% synthetic material.


  • We can choose from various colors 
  • Best value for the price
  • Exceptional grounding ability

what we didn't like

  • They may not be comfortable if you have broad feet
What Other Golfers had to say:
"These are just perfect for me. Stylish, a good fit, and comfortable. Perfect!"

5. Under Armour Spieth 3

Best Lightweight

The lightweight golf shoes grab extra brownie points in our books! They also provide a 2-year waterproof warranty. 
Quick Summary
  • Fabric Type: Textile and Synthetic 
  • Sole Material: Synthetic
  • Shaft Height: Low-top
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

Under Armour Men's Spieth III Golf Shoe, White/Black, 9.5 2E US

We discovered that Spieth shoes' specialty is that they are incredibly lightweight. These waterproof golf shoes weigh just 13.2 ounces. Nevertheless, they still provide nice arch and foot backing even after strolling over a mile.

They display a clean design with barely any distinctive design features. The Under Armour logo is created on the outer part of the shoe. You can see breathing openings straight next to the logos, along with the he "S" design on the tongue. These shoes come with a microfiber upper material that protects them from moisture and yet allows ultimate breathability.

What we loved were their Rotational resistance cleats, which are thinner than standard cleats. You can see 9 shifting detail patterns and 2 years of waterproof safety. 


  • The entire synthetic sole
  • Outstanding grip 
  • Meshed forefeet panel

what we didn't like

  • Narrow and slender
  • Lack of good aesthetic design
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Very comfortable, very sturdy, and great fit."

What to Look for in the Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 

When in the market for waterproof golf shoes, these are the additional elements to keep an eye on.


The insole is the internal region of the shoe where the feet get into touch with the shoe. We all searching for an insole that provides padding and comfort while decreasing resistance against the feet that cause blisters.

While shopping for waterproof golf shoes, you want to focus on how instantly the insole shapes to the feet. It should deliver instant relief whenever you are strolling on the course or riding in the golf cart.


The outsole wraps around almost the shoe's entirety as it connects with not just the juncture of the shoe but also to the ground. It is also the external layer that encircles the roof of the feet.

While checking the shoe base, always focus on how the bottom is attached to the ground for the utmost stability.


Traction can cause blisters, severe damage to the heel of the shoe and toes. Discovering a golf shoe that is not just comfortable but also provides a snug fit is what we are aiming for. Comfort is one of the essential elements that anyone looks for in any kind of footwear.


Breathability is another significant characteristic of the best golf shoe. Nobody prefers footwear that traps the body heat and creates sweaty and smelly feet.

Instead, golfers expect a shoe that includes a mesh core that lets us keep your feet dry and allow the feet to inhale and exhale throughout an 18-hole session.

Final Thoughts

You can pick any one of these waterproof golf shoes without any hesitation. However, our favorite has to be Footjoy Tour Golf Shoes because of their comfort, design, and breathability if forced to pick one.

All waterproof shoes on this list come with top features, best leather material, and are some of the customer's favorites!
Our Top Pick:

It has full control, utmost comfort, and laser plus fit. Flexible to use, attractive outsole, impressive setup, and other features, at a cost that prepares the whole deal seems like a great buy.

(1) EVA foam
(2) full-grain leather
(3) microfiber leather

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