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Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Updated On November 7, 2022

As we're sure you've noticed so far, not all feet have the same width. Aside from different lengths, your feet have also different widths. As a golfer, it's imperative to ensure that your feet are comfortable, so you can focus on your game and get the best possible scores in the game.

As a golfer with slightly wider feet than usual, I've seen the struggle of playing golf with inappropriate shoes and equipment.

Seeing that, we, at have made a list that features the best golf shoes for wide feet on the market today, their features, pros, cons, and a lot more!

In this best golf shoes for wide feet article, you'll also see: 
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Here's also the list for the best golf shoes for wide feet.

Quick Summary: Top 10 - Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Overall:Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 2
Affordable Synthetic golf shoes for players with wide feet, provide good traction and multiple color choices.

Runner-Up:Adidas AdiPower Bounce
Affordable, Synthetic golf shoes for wide feet, TPU outsole construction with excellent grip, excellent fit. 

Best Hybrid:ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe
Fashionable Leather golf shoes for wide feet, rubber outsole, Gore-Tex waterproof technology, and multiple color options.

Best Waterproof:Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoes
Waterproof, synthetic shoes for players with wider feet, 9 spikes to secure traction and grip. 

Best Affordable:Skechers Golf Performance Men's Go Elite 2 Shoes
Leather, waterproof golf shoes, synthetic outsole, breathable with 5gen cushioning.

Best Natural Motion:New Balance Striker Golf Shoes
Leather golf shoes for players with extra wide feet. Waterproof with TPU outsole for natural motion. 

Best Custom Fit:FootJoy Women's Pro Golf Shoes
English women's golf shoes, waterproof leather technology, with a custom fit. MaxGrip technology featured. 

Best Multidirectional:Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoes
Synthetic shoes for wide feet. Multi-directional traction control lugs, rubber outsole.

Best Fashionable:ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-Tex Shoes
Leather and Textile golf shoes. Gore-Tex surrounds 100% waterproof, breathable.

Best Mountable Spikes:Adidas Men's Tour360 Xt PrimeKnit Golf shoes
Fashionable knitted waterproof golf shoe. PrimeKnit technology for a perfect fit every time.

1. Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 2

Best Overall

The Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Wide Shoes are fantastic synthetic golf shoes.
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 7.5-15 wide
  • Dimension: 10 x 5.25 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 12.64 ounces
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colors: 4 men's

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe,Charcoal/Blue,7.5 M US

They are designed to be medium & wide, ensuring your wide foot will fit comfortably inside this golf shoe. Aside from the looks, which give you a street casual image, the comfort they provide is undebatable. We've often found that golfers sometimes wear them outside the golf course.

The features in this golf shoe are pretty impressive as well. Sketchers has featured their new Goga Mat technology in the insoles, which provides high-rebound cushioning. They have also made this shoe to be waterproof, featuring their H2GO shield technology, which will also allow your foot to breathe freely.

As a golfer, you've probably noticed that some golf shoes give out that terrible squeak when walking. Well, this golf shoe will stay dead silent on your feet, allowing you to concentrate better on your next shot.

All in all, we're sure that your wide feet will be as comfortable as possible in these golf shoes, which definitely earn the top pick for the best golf shoes for wide feet. 


  • Perforated on the side for a controlled cooling effect
  • High-Rebound Goga Mat technology cushioning
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Wide fit

what we didn't like

  • Street Casual Design (Might be in Pros section as well)
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Excellent golf shoes. Tried them on a very wet day. Much rain before and course very soggy. Feet stayed dry. Comfortable."

2. Adidas AdiPower Bounce


When it comes to sports shoes, you would not be able to find someone that hasn't heard of Adidas, so you should not be surprised to find that Adidas is making great golf shoes. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 7.5-15 wide
  • Dimension: 14.1 x 8 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 11.4 ounces
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colors: 6 men's

adidas Men's Adipower Bounce Golf Shoe, Grey, 7 M US

The AdiPower is a 100% synthetic golf shoe that is designed for medium & wide feet. Aside from the great looks this shoe features, Adidas has also added a 6-spike TPU outsole, that place lugs strategically, ensuring maximum grip and stability.

Adidas has also featured the Climastorm stretch microfiber leather, which offers lightweight comfort, protection, and durability on the golf course. More importantly, your wide feet will feel at home in the Adidas AdiPower Bounce. 


  • Excellent comfort
  • Removable Cleats
  • Improved Grip

what we didn't like

  • Light colors on the shoe might be hard to keep clean
What Other Golfers had to say:
"I was very surprised how comfortable these shoes were, especially with how cheap they were. They look good and appear to be well made and durable."

3. ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoes

Best Hybrid

You shouldn't be surprised to find ECCO golf shoes on this list. They are known for manufacturing one of the most comfortable golf shoes around, both for men and women.
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 5-14.5 wide
  • Dimension: 13.94 x 7.64 x 5.2 inches
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Material: Leather
  • Colors: 13 men's

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe, Ombre Yak Nubuck, 10-10.5

One interesting feature these golf shoes have is the removable extra footbed, which will provide you with additional room for your feet, especially if they're wide.

These 100% leather golf shoes feature ECCO's Gore-Tex waterproof technology, which combines different factors like breathability and protection. The shoes also feature Biom Technology, which provides your feet with natural motion. They are lightweight with YAK uppers, which surely will provide great endurance on the golf courses. 


  • Multiple color choices
  • Anti-microbial, Ortholite insole with removable pads
  • Outsoles provide grip for multiple angles
  • Gore-Tex waterproofed
  • Rotational support and stability

what we didn't like

  • Can't mount spikes
What Other Golfers had to say:
"I gave these shoes 5 stars from the quality feel and the fact that, once I got the right size, they fit like a fine leather glove with the comfort of a couch for my feet."

4. Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoes

Best Waterproof

Aside from manufacturing one of the best cheap golf balls and excellent golf equipment, Callaway has entered into the shoemaking business and you won't be disappointed by this great manufacturer. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 8-15 wide
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 5.25 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colors: 6 men's

Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoe, Black Multi, 12 M US

This is a synthetic golf shoe, that will provide you great protection and comfort on the golf courses, especially for wide feet, no matter the weather conditions. They have featured heat-reducing mesh in the inner lining, which will keep you comfortable throughout the day. The comfort is extended by the mid-sole, which is Optic-Soft.

You can also add or remove cleats on the bottom, depending on the grip you require, for all those slippery slopes out there.

Although, one small problem you can come across with these shoes is if you have a high arch. These shoes are not designed for that, which is too bad. 


  • Removable Cleats
  • Weatherproof
  • All-day wear

what we didn't like

  • Not that good for high-arches
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Best golf shoes I’ve ever owned, and they look amazing!"

5. Skechers Golf Performance Men's Go Elite 2 Shoes

Best Affordable

Another Skechers shoe makes it on our list. These golf shoes are made from high-quality materials, making sure the golf shoes will last.
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 8-11.5 wide
  • Dimension: 12 x 7 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Colors: 3 men's

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe,White/Gray/Blue,11.5 M US

The Go Golf Elite 2 features a premium leather upper with a spikeless traction outsole, providing great comfort for wide feet, as well as traction on the slippery courses.

These golf shoes are one of the best waterproof golf shoes with a durable TPU plate, and also feature a 5GEN midsole that provides traction control. The upper is perforated to ensure breathing and a cooling effect. One last thing is that the heel cup is padded, which adds stability. 


  • Weatherproof
  • 5GEN cushioned insole
  • TPU bottom plate 
  • Heel Lock for a secure fit 

what we didn't like

  • Hard to get the size right 
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Since coming across Skecher golf shoes, I have a winter and this summer pair, golf is much more pleasurable. Comfortable, waterproof, stylish."

6. New Balance Striker Golf Shoes

Best Natural Motion

You don't often run into New Balance shoes that are made for golf. Nevertheless, New Balance is a proven shoemaker, and this time they've taken a couple of swings in golf shoes. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 8-16 X-wide
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 5.25 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 12.2 ounces
  • Material: Leather
  • Colors: 3 men's

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Black/red, 9

The New Balance Striker Golf Shoes are reasonably priced, aside from their dashing looks. According to a lot of golfers, these shoes provide great comfort, even compared to their previous favorites, so you can say that New Balance has hit the bull's eye on this one.

You can also find new technologies incorporated in this golf shoe. One of them is the FantomFit Upper, which is a leather upper, skeletally engineered, providing maximum comfort and fit. Another technology is the REVlite Midsole, which is a foam compound that offers a lightweight ride, without minimizing underfoot cushioning and stability. Another feature is the Exoskeleton TPU Outsole, which is designed to follow the natural motion of the golfer's foot. The cushioning and insole feature a new foam compound that offers ultra-soft and responsive comfort, especially for golfers with wide feet. 


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Weatherproof
  • Reasonable price

what we didn't like

  • Might need to adjust the inner sole for people with specific feet build
What Other Golfers had to say:
"This is by far the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn."

7. FootJoy Women's Pro Golf Shoes

Best Custom Fit

We thought to take an exception from Men's golf shoes for this one. After all, it's not only male players with wide feet out there. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 5-12 wide
  • Dimension: 14.2 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Colors: 3 women's

No products found.

FootJoy has made an excellent golf shoe with this one. You can even choose a wide version of your foot size, which makes it perfect for players with wide feet.

These golf shoes feature ChoromoSkin leather upper, which provides great durability, as well as being 100% weather or waterproof. They also feature a 3-piece outsole, which combines 2 blends of FootJoy's Fine Tuned Foam, for cushioning, together with a TPU sole for traction, these golf shoes will provide you with maximum performance.

FootJoy has also featured MAXGRIP traction outsoles, that will grant you a slip-free round of golf, with great turf grip action. 


  • Weatherproof
  • MAXGRIP traction outsoles
  • Increased underfoot cushioning
  • Fine-Tuned Foam

what we didn't like

  • Light colors might be hard to keep clean
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Great good show. Water resistant."

8. Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoes

Best Multidirectional

If you're used to Callaway golf clubs, golf balls of top quality, there shouldn't be any problem if the company decides to manufacture golf shoes, especially for golfers with wide feet.
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 8-16 wide
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Material: Mesh, Synthetic
  • Colors: 2 men's

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe, White/Black, 11.5 D US

Another one of Callaway's products has made it on our list today. 
Hence, the Callaway Balboa Vent Golf Shoes will store your wide feet with ease and comfort.

An interesting feature in these golf shoes is the multi-direction traction control lugs. They are placed in the spikeless soles. Another great feature is the Opti-Vent mesh liner, which will keep a steady temperature and let your feet breathe while on the course.

Last but not least, these golf shoes' EVA stock liner and midsole are cushioned to provide maximum stability, as well as comfort for your feet on the golf courses. 


  • Traction Control lugs
  • Lightweight, soft midsoles
  • Extra-wide fit for golfers with wide feet
  • Excellent pricing

what we didn't like

  • Hard to get the size right
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Very soft comfortable shoe, fits as expected. So glad they carry a wide width for hammer toe. Hard to find comfortable soft golf shoes that work."

9. ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-Tex Shoes

Best Fashionable

The Danish shoemakers make it on this list again. ECCO's a shoemaking company in Denmark that makes shoes for almost 60 years. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 5-13.5 wide
  • Dimension: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Weight: 1.12 pounds
  • Material: Mesh, Synthetic
  • Colors: 4 men's

ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe, Dark Shadow/Black Transparent, 7-7. 5

This time they present us with the ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe. And being familiar with the problem, they've made these golf shoes to provide as maximum comfort as possible. With these ECCO golf shoes, you'll experience the ECCO Gore-Tex surround technology.

They're unique midsole design, allows for a 360° breathable surrounding, combined with their waterproof ability. Your foot will be able to breathe from all angles, as maximum comfort as possible, even if you have wide feet.

We're sure you'll be impressed with your foot being kept dry and air-conditioned at the same time. 


  • Gore-Tex Waterproof
  • Sim Lock Spikes
  • Tri-Fi-Grip and SPYDR Grip provide excellent traction
  • Leather outing provides 360° breathability

what we didn't like

  • Might be a bit expensive
What Other Golfers had to say:
"BEST GOLF SHOES I EVER USED. I even got me these in grey. They are extremely comfortable and light weight."

10. Adidas Men's Tour360 Xt PrimeKnit Golf Shoes

Best Mountable Spikes

The German manufacturer is here again. Adidas Men's Tour360 Xt PrimeKnit Golf shoes are probably the golf shoes you didn't know you were looking for. 
Quick Summary
  • Sizes: 7-15 wide
  • Dimension: 14.9 x 8.1 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colors: 3 men's

adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Primeknit Golf Shoe, core Black/Active Teal/Solar Slime, 7 Medium US

With the excellent design from Adidas and featuring Adidas technology, this is one golf shoe that you won't go wrong with.

The Waterproof Adidas golf shoes feature a PrimeKnit upper, which wraps the foot with a predicted fit that targets overall support. Featuring the Adidas Boost, which is their most responsive cushioning to date, these golf shoes deliver an equal amount of energy response and energy return, meaning the more you give, the more you get. The fit is medium, but that doesn't mean your wide feet won't fit in comfortably in there.

With the X-Traction grip, you will be sure you don't lose traction on the slippery courses out there.


  • PrimeKnit textile cover
  • Waterproof
  • Supportive wrapped fit
  • INSITE sockliner for balance

what we didn't like

  • A bit pricey
  • Regular fit
What Other Golfers had to say:
"Very comfortable shoe with excellent traction fit for any conditions. No issue with tightness around top of foot that some other reviewers have noted."

Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

When buying golf shoes for wide feet, you won't find much difference between regular shoes and the other kind, except for the width of course. Thus, the trick here is to get informed on what kind of shoes are designed to be comfortable even for wide feet. 

Aside from that, you still get the regular choices you often consider when buying golf shoes:
  • Weatherproof
  • Materials used
  • Spikes or not
  • Color
  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • What season is it for, etc.

There is one new factor to consider, and that is the lacing system nowadays. Manufacturers like Callaway and Adidas have gone through the trouble of producing auto-lacing systems, so that's one thing you might want to be looking out for. Other lacing systems are made to be weatherproof and waterproof, to keep things simpler. (1)

But, when looking for the best golf shoes for wide feet, your primary deciding factor should be the width of the golf shoes. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Golf Shoes

You can rest assured that if you walk 5 miles on the golf courses and don't possess proper shoes, you're going to feel those 5 miles. On the other hand, choosing the right golf shoes for you can do you much good. Choosing the right golf shoes can better your accuracy, traction, lateral stability, and so much more.

It's because of this, we have named a few factors to keep in mind when buying your golf shoes.


You have to make sure that your wide feet are going to properly fit inside the golf shoes. You just need to make sure your feet are resting comfortably inside, and that you don't feel any discomfort. Remember, any slight discomfort you feel at first will increase substantially over time and playing.

Manufacturers that produce golf shoes often make a wide version of a golf shoe, so always check if the wide size option is available, ensuring your wide feet will fit comfortably in there. 

The material of the upper

Golf shoes are mainly made out of 2 materials. Leather and synthetic. Leather golf shoes will more often stay dry due to the leather hard texture, and paired with a breathable material will make sure your foot is dry and air-conditioned. Although, that is the reason that leather golf shoes feel and are stiffer than synthetic shoes. (2)

Synthetic golf shoes are mainly more affordable, lighter, and wrap around the foot better, but will not be as water-resistant or long-lasting as leather shoes. It's up to you to make your choice whichever you prefer. 


When looking for golf shoes it mostly comes down to the insoles of the shoe itself. You can choose from soft to stiffer cushioning. As a golfer with wide feet, you'd have to look for wide-sized numbers, or if those are not available, you should look for shoes with insoles that are removable, so they can fit your feet.


The right outsoles will give you a multi-angular grip, better traction, and no trouble when the terrain is wet. Most of today's golf shoes feature TPU molded outsoles that guarantee these upper-mentioned issues will not be a problem for you. (3)

You will also see that some shoes can be mounted with spikes that add traction, and some feature a 360° angular traction grip. 

Water & Weather resistance

Some manufacturers often practice incorporating their waterproof technologies on golf shoes they produce. ECCO has Gore-Tex, and other good brands do it also. You have to remember that leather shoes tend to be more water-resistant than synthetic shoes, as I mentioned before

Why wear golf shoes?

There are many reasons for a golfer to play with golf shoes, instead of regular training shoes. Some of the reasons are due to the conditions, like slippery terrains, loss of traction, damp conditions, etc. and other reasons are the shoes' weather-resistant capabilities. 

You'll also notice that golf shoes tend to be more comfortable for longer periods of time, thus making it easy to walk around all those holes on the terrains.


No matter which golf shoes you choose, as long as they fit your feet comfortably, you have solved the problem. There is nothing more annoying than going out on the fields and finding out you don't feel comfortable.

There are a lot of characteristics to choose from, but as long as your wide feet fit comfortably in there, you're all set for those swings. 
Our Top Pick:

The Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Wide Shoes are fantastic synthetic golf shoes.

(1) lacing system
(2) Leather and synthetic
(3) TPU

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