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pregnant woman playing in a golf course

Can You Play Golf While Pregnant? (Expert Advice)

Updated On June 16, 2022

Golf is a relatively safe sport for pregnant women, but there are still some risks involved. It is important that you only play without overexerting yourself and do the following:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Carry snacks for energy
  • Use a putter suction cup
  • Take your doctor’s advice before playing

Can You Play Golf During Pregnancy?

In simple words, it is OK for most women to continue playing golf while pregnant. In fact, being a physical activity that can also be a cause of relaxation, golf can even be good for your health. However, there are a lot of specifics involved and each woman should treat their case as unique. You may be providing your body with much-needed movement, but it should not come at a cost to your or your baby’s health.

Apart from the potential injuries that a pregnant golfer can suffer to their back, shoulders, and hips, another key factor to consider is the heat.

Staying hydrated is extremely important during pregnancy. If you consume eight to twelve glasses of water daily, you can easily endure the heat.

To further help the case, it is advisable for women to avoid playing on days when the temperatures are too high and the weather is sunny. Playing on relatively cool days can reduce the stress that your body feels and can help you avoid any pain.

pregnant woman playing indoor golf

Does the Trimester Matter?

There is plenty of medical research showing how each trimester affects women differently, especially when it comes to energy levels. Early pregnancy can be tiring for most women, and the motivation to play can go down significantly. Most women would automatically want to avoid playing during early pregnancy and if you still want to go, be sure not to exert yourself.

The second trimester is much more energetic, and playing golf during this time can be manageable. However, the golden rule to not overexert yourself remains.

As time progresses, the weight on the belly would also increase as you become five or six months pregnant along with the joints getting loose which means putting full power into your swings can potentially lead to injuries if you are not careful.

woman in her second trimester pregnancy playing golf

This state also rises in the third trimester when you are seven to eight months pregnant and as the belly grows, other activities like picking up the ball or placing a tee can be more and more difficult.

A workaround for swinging during this time can be to keep your upper body straight and bend your knees instead. The key point is to stay alert to your body’s signals and anticipate any situation where you may cause yourself or the baby any harm.

Tips and Safety Measures to Keep You and Your Baby Safe

Pack Liquids

As mentioned earlier, staying hydrated is extremely important for women during pregnancy. Therefore, whenever you go out to play, you should pack sufficient water to go with you. While the normally recommended consumption for the day is eight to twelve glasses, you should try and consume slightly more than that to cover for the water loss when moving about on the course and swinging.

Pack Snacks

Staying energized is not only important for your golf game but even more so for your health during pregnancy. Normal meals would not be sufficient now that you are feeding two people. Packing a few of your favorite snacks to take along on the golf course can be quite helpful in staying energized.

Easy Warm-Up

Warm-ups are an essential part of playing golf as you get your body ready for the game ahead. However, while you may be hitting quite a lot of balls during warm-up, during pregnancy, it is recommended to reduce your normal load. Long warm-ups may consume your energy quickly and leave you with insufficient fuel to power through all holes.

Putter Suction Cup

This is a tool that mostly older people with large bellies use on a golf course. However, a pregnant golfer can also take advantage of it, especially when their belly starts to grow beyond a certain point. You will know you have reached that point when you would find it difficult to bend down to pick up your golf balls. This tool attaches to your putter and can help you grab your golf balls without having to bend down.

golf cart in a golf course

Golf Cart

Generally, it is quite good for both the mother and the baby if the mother walks frequently. However, the walking you do on a golf course is not leisurely and can also eat up your energy to play. Using a golf cart in this situation can be quite handy and help you retain your energy while also protecting you from direct heat. If you struggle to move and get fatigued while playing a sport, switch to a golf cart immediately.

Consult Your Doctor

While golf is a leisurely sport and not as stressful as other activities like gymnastics, skiing, or horseback riding, it is still a game with some risks. That is why before you decide to head over to the golf course, you should ask your doctor first. They can provide you with the best advice considering your specific pregnancy situation and even provide useful tips to make the best out of your time while avoiding complications in your pregnancy. (1)

pregnant woman in all black playing golf

Can You Play Golf While Pregnant?

It is perfectly safe for most women to play golf during pregnancy. However, taking precautions and your doctor’s advice is necessary to ensure that no harm comes to you or your baby.

How Long Can I Play Golf When Pregnant?

The factor you should use to decide how long you can play is your energy level. Golf should be treated as a leisurely activity during pregnancy, and you should not overexert your body.

Playing Golf While Pregnant Safe?

For any pregnant woman who does not have any complications, it is perfectly safe to play golf during pregnancy. However, you should take some precautions and consult your doctor before deciding to play.

Can You Play Disc Golf While Pregnant?

Disc golf is a great alternative for golf women can choose if they want to play during pregnancy. It does not exert your back as much and can be just as fun. However, precautions regarding exertion should still be considered when playing.

Can You Play Topgolf While Pregnant?

Topgolf is a great alternative to regular golf that pregnant women can choose as it does not involve walking around a field in an open-heat. However, you should still be careful and not exert yourself too much when swinging. Also, stop playing if you feel any pain and just relax with a cold glass of water. (2)

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