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How Long Does Mini Golf Take (Everything You Need To Know)

Updated On January 10, 2022

In General, there is no fixed time for Mini Golf: it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 20 minutes, depending on how many people are playing and their individual skill levels.

With the following guide, you will be able to get an estimate on what length of time your game should last.

Things That Affect Time to Mini Golf

  1. Size of the course (Some courses can be twice as large as others usually between 6000-12000 square feet which greatly affects the time of completion. Many courses are designed in a way that minimizes time to complete so more people can get on a course while still optimizing fun so you have enough time to really enjoy yourself and come back, however some courses can really vary with this. For example, you can have a course that takes twice as long as another)
  2. How many people are playing (your group size usually determines how long it takes)
  3. Group skill level (If someone is just learning they make take longer to do practice swings and get things together)
  4. Length between holes (How long each hole is away from another can actually take more time than your think since before you walk you may be socializing with your group) (1)

In General Though, How Long Does it Take?

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It’s typical for a round of 18 holes of miniature golf to last about 1 hour. How long it takes you to finish will depend on if you’re playing by yourself or w/ others. You can figure out the game rules first, then it’ll be easier to understand the time frame.

Size of Course

size of a mini golf course

The sizes of these courses can generally vary from 6000 to 12000 square feet, keeping this in mind you can really see how the time to finish can vary because of this. If a course is double the size you can expect to spend twice as long to finish. You can find this out by asking the course attendant or looking up their size online to get a general idea.

Time of Play Determined by Your Group Size

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There is a maximum number of players per game, which is six. The size of your group will determine whether your Mini golf round will take longer or shorter.

The course can usually be completed in under an hour by two individuals, especially if there is no one in front of them. The only problem is, when your group consists of five or six people that have never played golf before, you’re in for a long day! But, you and your friends can also read this guide we’ve prepared for beginners like you on how to play golf.

For example

People Playing MinigolfTime
11 hour
21-2 hours
41.5-2.5 hours
62.5-3.5 hours

Mini Golf is a lot simpler than traditional golf and can still be enjoyable as long as you pay attention to those behind you.

Game Setup Time

In regards to setup time, it does not take very long at all and is negligible. When it’s time to play miniature golf, you only have to take a few pieces of equipment with you. A putter and a golf ball are all that is needed in order for you to start playing. Check these golf balls’ product guides if you ever decide to play the real one instead of this mini-golf! There are the best golf balls for the average golfer, and the best golf balls for seniors if your old folks want to play too!

There are many different variants of the game. Every hole is likely to be very different, but this is what makes it interesting.


Mini Golf is an offshoot sport of golf where players must complete 18 numbered holes. It’s important to go through them in a certain sequence and without missing any of them.

You must use as few swings as possible to hit the golf ball into the hole. It will depend on the hole distance, but you should always try to use your putter from the tee area.

The player with the fewest strokes at the end of the round is called the winner. Players are allowed to take 7 strokes on each hole, but most courses count every shot they take as a point.

The World Minigolf Sport Federation has several rules. One of them is that you should swing the ball with both hands before striking it. You can’t just touch it by mistake and then go on as nothing has happened.

Whenever a player begins his backswing, he is considered ready to hit the ball. If the putter touches the ball from that point on, it counts as a stroke.

If the player’s stroke goes into the out-of-bounds area, he will be penalized one more stroke and will be given a third opportunity to take his shot at the point where he came out of bounds.

Is it Possible For Me to Play Only 9 Holes?

golf play ground

This game is a subset of golf and is mainly about putting. It has a lot of names – mini-putt, crazy golf, and putt-putt. 

This golf style is played on a nine-hole course that is similar to its parent course, but with a shorter length of play.


Can I Bring My Own Putter and Ball?

They provide you with a personalized golf ball every time you pay to play. If you have your own club, you’re free to bring it along.

What Happens if it Rains?

When the course is in bad weather, it is recommended to wait before coming back to play. (2)

(1) socializing –
(2) bad weather –

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