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What is a Cadet Golf Glove (And Why You Should Choose it)

Updated On January 10, 2022

In General, Cadet gloves are narrower and longer than regular golf gloves. They are used by golfers who have an unusual hand size not suited to a traditional glove. The finger lengths for these gloves are a bit shorter and the palm is a bit wider. Not all gloves are available in “Cadet” sizes but many are.

There are many different colors, sizes, and accents for these gloves. You can also find them in a strap style with a built-in ball marker. 

In this article, we’re going to share the benefits of the Cadet Golf Glove and provide you with compelling reasons why you should invest in one.

What is a Cadet Golf Glove

The cadet golf glove is used by 20% of the people who play the game. It’s designed for players with unusual hand sizes. This is plausible as gloves often go unnoticed, and it may be tough to tell the size difference between gloves when they’re sorted out in a pile.

A cadet golf glove typically has a wide palm and back of the hand. (1)

Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove: Which One?

After learning what a cadet golf glove is, determining the appropriate size for your hand is important if you’re trying to buy one. The two types of gloves are cadet & regular so selecting the most suitable one for your hands is important.

They Differ in the Following Ways


  • The two types of gloves have a few differences in terms of thickness. Cadet gloves have broader palms and fingers, while the utility-style is a bit tighter.
  • Due to the fact that gloves are made to suit players with non-proportional hands, they should also come in different sizes.
  • It is important when inspecting fingers, to use marks on the ruler for sizing help.


  • Cadet gloves typically have shorter fingers than regular gloves.
  • When shopping make sure you get the cadet type that fits your hand snuggly for tight spaces can often lead to discomfort and blisters.


There are a variety of sizes to choose from when you buy cadet gloves. These are available in small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL.

It should be noted that a poor fit can affect your comfort and performance.

How to Choose Them


The fit is most important when buying gloves. When the fit is perfect, they’ll feel like another skin and assist with natural movement in your swing. Give it a try on before buying it. 

The fit of each company’s gloves varies slightly, so you should try them on before buying to ensure the perfect measurement.


There is a range of sizes of gloves for both men and women. Different brands have different ranges – Cadet has a range from small to 2x extra-large, whereas other manufacturers may start at large.

Despite the sizing indicating the gloves are for men, women with larger hands might find a suitable pair in the regular-sized men’s gloves.

Common Brand Sizes are Shown Below




Gloves should be snug but not too tight. Touching the fingertips with the gloves is perfect, and the leather around the palm and back of your hand should be right. (2)

You may want to check the video below;

Types of Cadet Golf Gloves

As with traditional gloves, there are many different sizes to choose from. For example, depending on the brand, ranges of sizes go from small to double extra-large for men’s gloves.

Women with larger hands might find the regular or cadet size gloves to be a good fit. These models are designed for men, but often feature shorter fingers & a wider palm that appeals more to women with larger hands.

types of cadet golf gloves

The different sizes of cadet golf gloves include small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. A medium-large would be somewhere between a medium and a large. Cadet gloves are intended for people with short fingers.

Where to Buy?

Hearing about how good Cadet Golf Gloves are when it comes to comfort and value, it’s no wonder we’re talking about them. However, the best way to find the right pair is by first considering comfort and then brand.

But since gloves are not jewelry sets, you’ll want to find a few that fit your needs. We recommend that you do it in person, either at a golf supply store or at the pro shop.

Wrapping Up

Cadet golf gloves are not well known by casual golf players. But they might be the only difference between a normal loose fit and one that fits the size of your fingers and your palm perfectly.

And after using them, make sure you wash them properly. Here’s a great guide on how to clean golf gloves. Also, if you’re looking for golf shoes for your wide feet, then, you may click here for the guide.

Happy golfing!

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