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How To Clean Golf Gloves (Easy Guide)

Updated On January 4, 2022

Do you have the impression that your newly bought golf glove has worn out quickly? Regardless of the brand, some golf gloves easily deteriorate their quality after a few uses. However, there is a cleaning hack to maintain its materials and its life.

Most golfers don’t do a great job of taking good care of their golf gloves. They don’t usually realize that golf gloves are a significant factor on the field. With that, I will share with you an easy guide on how to clean golf gloves properly.

Getting Started

man washing his golf glove with mineral bottled water

A golf glove is an important piece of equipment in golf. The golfer initiates the swing, the clubs assist in executing the shot, and the golf glove allows you to grip the club while protecting your hands. Investing in a good golf glove can help you improve your game. However, using unclean golf gloves may become a hindrance to your full potential.

After your game, you need to quickly wash and soak your golf gloves to remove the debris and sweat from using them. How you clean your golf gloves can be done in various ways. The sooner you remove the dirt from your glove, the better. These easy steps will help you reuse and maintain the good condition of your golf glove.

Step 1: Get cold water. It could be in a pitcher or bottled water. Be sure not to use warm water as it deteriorates the materials in your glove.

Step 2:  Pour the water onto the glove and rinse them off to wash off all the dirt. You may gently scrub the glove while pouring the water. Or you may put your glove in a basin and create whirls in the water to clean it.

pouring cleaning subtance in a red cup

Step 3: Mix in 2 tablespoons of mild liquid soap in the bucket with cold water after rinsing. You may decide to put one tablespoon of fabric softener to eliminate any odors caused by sweat.

Step 4: To remove the debris, wash the golf glove and gently rub it with a towel. You can also brush the dirt away using a gentle brush. Work on any spots where dust is starting to build. Make sure to do it gently so it will not ruin the condition of your golf glove.

lined up golf gloves with hanging clip

Step 5: Drying your golf glove is the crucial part. If you don’t dry it correctly, it will never be the same. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a clean golf glove after an hour of air drying to return to its best possible form.

Another option is to put on the clean golf glove, squeeze the water out of the glove from the inside, and let it dry for an hour to prevent it from shrinking. After that, you may take the clean golf glove and let them air-dry completely.

Cleaning Your Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

When cleaning a leather golf glove, you can wash them using the same method as described above. However, considering leather is a natural material, soap left to dry in it will dry out quickly. Cleaning a golf glove is easy, but with leather, you have to be delicate because too much dryness will cause the leather to crack. (1)

You should be aware that if your golf gloves are made of Cabretta leather, they are fragile. Only wash the gloves if they become dirty. Leather will deteriorate if it is washed frequently.

In addition, we do not recommend cleaning golf gloves with a washing machine because the mechanical force caused by it will wear out the leather gloves. (2)

Are All Golf Gloves Safe to Wash?

Definitely, yes! The best way to know how gentle you should be when washing is to identify glove type: synthetic or leather.

It is simple to wash and clean if it is synthetic as they are carefully designed to withstand washing. As I mentioned above, you have to be more careful if it is leather because those are delicate ones. Only wash it if necessary to prevent it from deteriorating quickly.

Always consider hand-washing when cleaning golf gloves because you have to make sure to be gentle.


golf balls in a golf glove

Is It Possible to Wash Footjoy Golf Gloves?

You may wash your golf glove regardless of the brand. You just have to wash golf gloves as gently as possible. To help increase the glove’s durability and performance, soak it in a bucket of cold water with mild liquid soap, gently rub it with a towel or brush it with a soft brush, and air-dry.

What Is The Best Way to Clean a Titleist Golf Glove?

Cleaning Titleist golf gloves is no different from cleaning any other golf gloves. You may wash Titleist golf gloves the same way as the others, regardless of their brand name.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove debris using cold water

Step 2: In a bucket of cold water, put mild liquid soap and dip the glove

Step 3: Rub off dirt using a towel or a gentle brush

Step 4: Rinse and let it air-dry

What Is The Best Way To Dry A Golf Glove?

Drying a golf glove is one of the most important aspects of its cleaning process. If incorrectly done, it may result in the deterioration of your golf gloves. The usual reaction of the leather to high temperatures is it shrinks and cracks. Thus, air-drying is the best way to do it! Hang your leather gloves and let the air do the trick!

Also, use a leather conditioner if you notice that the leather is drying out after drying. It will help in maintaining the suppleness of the leather.

How to Get Rid of Stinky Golf Gloves?

Usually, gloves smell because you left them in the golf bag for too long or did not let them dry after a round of golf in the rain. Due to the dirt and sweat accumulated on the glove, it begins to stink. However, I have some ways for you to reduce the smell:

  1. Do the method that I have mentioned above with the mild liquid soap in a bucket of cold water
  2. If it still does not work, use shaving cream to cover the odor. It helps with the odor build-up caused by sweat. This trick is used in hockey because it works with sweaty equipment.
  3. You can also use dryer sheets to remedy the smell. After use, put it onto the glove. It absorbs the moisture, leaving a pleasant smell to cover the bad smell.

Unfortunately, if the methods that I listed above will not work, it is time for you to get a new golf glove. There is nothing much you can do with the smelly gloves. The gloves have a lifespan, and the smell might signify that it nears their usable life.

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