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What Channel is the Golf Channel on the Dish Network?

Updated On June 24, 2022

Whether you are a recreational golfer, golf enthusiast, or a professional golfer, knowing what channel the golf channel on the dish network is on may be important to you. It helps you keep tabs on what is happening in different competitions and to keep a tab on the performances of your favorite player.

The golf channel on Dish Network is channel 401. The channel is all about golf and related activities.  It covers golf channel live events, tournaments,  play-by-plays, instructional series, commentary programs, and more. You must have the right Dish Network package to be able to view Channel 401.

So, have you subscribed to the dish network and are looking for the Golf Channel? This guide tells you what channel on the dish you can watch your favorite golf tournament, including the PGATour. It also looks at other alternatives that are available to you. Let’s check them out!

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Golf Channel on Dish Network

The golf channel on Dish Network is channel 401. The channel is all about golf and related activities. It covers golf channel live events, tournaments, play-by-plays, instructional series, commentary programs, and more.

It is worth mentioning that you must have the right Dish Network package to be able to view Channel 401. There are many popular golf-related shows that you can watch on the Golf Channel. They include the following:

1. Feherty

Hosted by retired golfer professional, David Feherty, Feherty brings viewers one hour of exclusive access to some of the most popular golf stars in history. The show covers interviews with some notable players in the world of golf.

The program delivers insightful and in-depth discussions on golf and golf events. You will learn one or two things from the one-hour show and you are sure to laugh at some comic relief moments on golf channel NBC.

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2. School of Golf

This is another great show that teaches how to become a better golf player. You will learn all you need to know about golf, including some great tips for tee shots. This dish network show aims to empower viewers by offering them insights into things they can do to become successful in the game. (1)

3. The Big Break

This is a reality TV on golf channel show that brings contestants together and takes them to some of the best golf courses to test their skills. You will find some of your favorite professional golfers competing against each other at the golf course to win exciting prizes. You are sure to love watching this show because it is very entertaining.

Alternatives to the Golf Channel on Dish Network

The channel Dish Network dedicated to golf is not the only channel you can watch your favorite sport. There are other alternatives that you can check out. Let’s check them out.


You can consider using streaming services to access golf channels. These services are available for a subscription package. You will find different streaming channels that you can subscribe to, including Direct Stream, Hulu, Sling, and Fubo TV. (2)

If you are not sure of which service to sign up for, you can check out their free trial first before switching to a paid package to stream the golf channel.


There are many international channels that you can access online. Thanks to the internet, you can watch Golf channels online through different TV services. You can subscribe to some paid online channels and also find some free online stations that give access to golf programs globally.

Wrapping Up

Golf channels are available across different platforms. It is available on channel 401 on the dish network channel. You can stream it through some TV services and also watch it directly online. If you are a great fan of golf, you can be sure to find a plethora of sources to access golf tournaments, events, and programs.

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