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Is Mini Golf a Good First Date (5 Reasons Why It Is and Isn’t)

Updated On June 24, 2022

Choosing the right activity for a first date can be a bit of a challenge. You have to think of what your date enjoys doing and ways to make the day memorable. While there are numerous options, ranging from very expensive to free, mini-golf falls into the middle ground, and choosing a fun outdoor activity is always one of the go-to date ideas.

In this article, we will discuss if mini golf is a good first date and the reasons we believe you should consider it. Let’s get into the details.

Is mini-golf a good first date? Yes, it is! It helps you evaluate your date’s capacity for teamwork. It provides an environment for fun and laughter. It promotes sound communication and friendly communication.

Is Mini-Golf a Good First Date? Diving In

A first date should be a blend of enjoyment, fun, challenges, and a special opportunity to kiss and get the chemistry going. Without a doubt, miniature golf makes a perfect destination and activity for the first date. 

Playing mini golf helps you to be flexible and forgo the decorum, seriousness, and tradition that comes with the full-scale golf game. There is so much you can achieve in charting the course of your relationship when playing mini.

You can get active, have fun, chat, and even show off your hand-eye coordination. 

Why Mini Golf is a Good First Date

So, why is mini golf a good first date? In this post, we share five reasons why we think mini golf is the perfect destination and activity for your first date. Let’s check them out!

1. Relationships are all about Teamwork

An integral component of any relationship is teamwork. Building a relationship requires that both parties decide to commit to making the relationship work. It is all about collaboration and there is no better way to get started than doing something together. 

man and woman playing mini golf

Mini golf is a great way to explore the potential of building a formidable team with your partner in the future. You can get a lot of insight into the personality of your date and know how easy it is for both of you to work together because one partner can easily outpace the other in holes, but you have to slow down to stick together and this could be a great signal of how compatible you are. If your partner wants to quickly rush to the other holes and leave you behind well that says something in itself.

If you are always at each other’s throats while playing mini-golf, you can easily know that the relationship is almost dead on arrival.

2. Fun Time and Laughs

What is a date if you can’t laugh and have fun? A first date should be all about seeing how much fun both of you can have. Your relationship would likely not work out if both of you can’t laugh and enjoy each other’s company while playing mini-golf.

The truth is that there are so many things to laugh about while playing putt golf. Whether it is striking the ball so hard that it goes off the course or missing a simple putt, or even joking about different obstacles in your games; there are many things to laugh about.

If both of you can’t find reasons to laugh or at least giggle while playing, then you may need to reconsider the relationship after the first date.

man and woman smiling playing mini-golf

3. Finding Activities in Common

Your first date is often an avenue to clinch a second date. While playing mini-golf, you can get a great idea of what both of you enjoy doing together. You are likely to agree on what you should do next for your second date. (1)

You may find mini-golf so delightful that you end up repeating the activity for your second and even third date. Of course, if you have other hobbies other than playing golf, your first date will help you to determine what you both enjoyed doing best.

You may discover that you both share the same love for watching movies or going to concerts. Your first date at the course will ensure you have a great time and also create an avenue for agreeing on a second date.

woman and man at the back helping her aim a goal at a mini golf

4. Communication

Communication is a crucial component of a successful relationship and your first date is to help you get to know each other. Playing miniature golf together provides an enabling environment that lets you discuss in-depth subjects.

Mini-golf is not too quiet as a movie or too loud as a concert. It is also not a place like a restaurant where your discussions will be interrupted frequently by the waiters. If you both have a good flow of communication, you will have a lot to talk about while playing mini-golf.

There is no interruption and mini-golf is especially a great way to launch a conversation if the pace of the game is slow.

5. Friendly Competition

Healthy competition is an integral ingredient in a relationship. Both parties should be able to compete healthily without feeling offended when one party is winning. (2)

Knowing how both of you take competition when you are playing on the opposite side is a great way to know how compatible you are. When playing miniature golf, you can test your level of competitiveness and see how you both handle success and defeat when pitched against each other.

With this, you can avert possible future disagreements when you know how you both react to different situations.

a woman and man carrying their golf bag with accessories walking at the golf course smiling to each other

How to Dress for a Mini Golf First Date

This is the beautiful thing about playing mini golf for your first date. You don’t have to dress to the nine because it is a very informal event that lets you relax and have fun without being overdressed. Dress light and casual with a breezy touch.

Your dressing should be simple and casual enough to let you walk freely and comfortably bend down without showing anything. It is best to wear something that you are comfortable in and make sure it is practical.

If you are not sure about colors, wear black or red. You are better off showing off your neck and not your chest as a woman when dressing up for golf. The truth is that mini golf is very entertaining and a great choice for a first date.

It is filled with challenge, fun, and excitement. It also presents an opportunity for a cheeky kiss that can lead to a more romantic one at the end of the game.

Wrapping Up

Going on a first date can put a lot of emotional strain on you. Therefore, it is important to choose an activity that is less tasking and more fun. For a start, you will likely feel nervous, excited, and stressed on your first date because you have to put your best foot forward and do things right.

Being cooped up in a restaurant where all you have to do is fiddle with a napkin and look around is not something anyone loves doing. Instead, go have fun and a great time with your date as you play mini-golf.

You will have a memorable first date, feel less stressed, and can cover up awkward moments with more fun activities. 

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